How to Get a Scorpio Man In Love With You?

If you want to have a Scorpio man in love with you, there are some things to keep in mind as you consider pursuing them for a potential mate. Sensitive and extremely passionate, a Scorpio man will take you to new heights as they have an innate ability to perceive what a woman feels and can practically read your mind.  Quick to anticipate your needs and wants, they will cater to your emotions.

Having a Scorpio man in love with you can be a dream come true.  Born between the 23rd of October and the 21st of November, a Scorpio man can be extremely appealing, but there are some things to keep in mind when dealing with a Scorpio.

Bear in mind that a Scorpio man in love is also a very sensitive man that will feel hurt deeply and is likely to carry the wound with him for a very long time.  Breaking the heart of a Scorpio will leave them feeling extremely cautious about giving their hearts to someone again.  If you wish to court a Scorpio, keep in mind that you will be required to demonstrate patience and integrity in all your dealings with him.  Always be straightforward with him and do not flirt with other guys as this will set off warning bells in his head. Be prepared for him to be very assertive and direct in his questioning if he feels you are being unfaithful to him in deed or word.  Play it safe and be faithful at all times.

Know that your Scorpio man will not only want, but demand, a woman who can match his passionate nature and fully embrace his desires in an emotional and sexual manner. He will immediately sense any hesitancy and self-consciousness on your part, particularly in the bedroom.  Inhibitions, shyness and embarrassment should be left at the door.  Your eagerness and heated fervor will be met with divine ravishment on his part.  So be prepared!

Compliment a Scorpio man in love and you are sure to bring out the best in him.  A word of caution, always be sincere and mean what you say as he will sense insincerity on your part and will definitely be put off by it.  A Scorpio man in love will thrive in knowing that you find his work or hobby interesting. 

Scorpio men, in particular, totally welcome compliments regarding their dress and how sharp they look.  Most Scorpios put a fair amount of effort in looking good and appreciate that you notice.  Actively expressing your appreciation for him will cause him to grow in his love for you.

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