How To Make A Guy Want You?

How do you go about to make a guy want you or find a special place in his heart? Only some men impress women and when a woman really loves a guy there is no stopping her from getting him to fall in love by all means.

There are no hard and fast rules to trying to get a guy’s full attention. What worked for your friend might not even move a finger for you. So don’t depend on theoretical strategies and outdated philosophies on how to make a guy want you.

You don’t even need to change anything in you nor go for a total makeover to make him fall head over heals in love with you.

Only experience and trial and error methods can help you to horn the skills of alluring a guy. Men do not get attracted to women who dress themselves looking sexy or with revealing clothes. In fact though they might get attracted they will only flirt around for some time and then find another sexier mate.

Remember that men flirt around with such females but when it comes to building a true relationship men look for decent intelligent and self confident women. The secret is men fall for women who are open minded and can be bold and self confident. They don’t like pestering and weaning females always coming behind them to catch their attention.

(1) Hide and Seek Game

Play a game of hide and seek with your guy for some time till he falls prey to your secret intentions. First move around in his vicinity to get his attention and when he finally finds you interesting hide yourself and allow him to seek you. It will be a very interesting game to be played by both of you and your guy will love this more than anything else.

Men love the curiosity factor put forth by woman and they will flock around her to find out what type of women you are and how you can be cornered or impressed. How to make a guy want you as a smart woman? Important thing is make it look natural and allow yourself to be seen always busy in his eyes.

Don’t ever reveal you are available 24/7 or can make yourself free whenever he wants to.

(2) His Eyes on You

See how your guy behaves in public with you. Is he protective or doesn’t care much about you or your whereabouts? Does he behave politely or rude? Is he listening when you talk to him or flirting with the next table lass? Some signs of whether he falls for you or not can be seen in the fact that he will always hold your hands and will never want to leave your side.

He will be oblivious of whatever happens around and his one pointed attention will be just YOU.

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