Dating A Commitment Phobic Man

Dealing with a commitment phobic man could be tricky as they might break your heart in case you expect things in return. Commitment phobic individual is a person who usually aloof themselves from any kind of serious relationship where commitment is needed. They tend to avoid being close to an opposite sex person fearing that they would get trapped and will find no way to escape.

If you date this type of individual, you might often feel insecure about the relationship. It might happen that you find things complicated because you just don’t know what your partner is feeling about you or the relationship. If you are seeing any body having these characteristics, you will find various unparalleled situation in your relationship. One moment you would feel that, both of you has the best chemistry but later in another moment he might leave you with a broken hurt.

A commitment phobic man appears to be pleasant, loving and flirtatious individuals who seem to be interested about relationship, but if they actually get into a relationship, they always mess up things disrupting it completely. This type of men favor short-term relationships. The person might even call you or contact you quite often, but you might still feel that, there is something missing. You might not feel that you are completely detached with his life but still you will definitely feel that something is restricted.

However, the best way to deal a such kind of commitment phobic partner is that, never push him for anything. Expecting thing will just hurt you in return because there is no use of wasting time with words which will never reach him.

This type of person always fears to lose their freedom and considered as selfish and experienced heart breaker. Questions make them suffocated as more you would push them, the more uneasy and frightened they will be. Hence you should never use questions to know the person.

Usually in a relationship, you would want your partner to have the fear of losing you rather then the fear of losing his freedom. You would certainly want your partner to feel some serious emotional attraction towards you or your relationship but trying to make this possible through questions or expectations, will not at all help you in anyway.

If you are dating a commitment phobia man,  the first thing you need to do is to make him feel safe. You have to understand that, to get through this situation, actions are more useful than words. However this doesn’t mean that you should be a doormat into his life but things should be handled smartly.

Your partner needs to very well understand this that, your entire world is not confined around him. Make him feel that he is not really responsible for your happiness and show him that you are happily leading an independent happy life. This way he will feel safe because it will assure you that you will not ruin his life expecting thing from him. Hence, one needs to be very patient, firm and clever enough to deal a commitment phobic partner.

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